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Genie Elixir/Logs 1

From Gensoukyou Eastern Story
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[19:22:14] <Eirin> The gates to the mansion deep inside the forest was closed, as usual. Rabbits were cleaning and maintaining the front yard inside, though from the outside the place blended well into the darkening sky with nary a light.

[19:31:35] <@Zuren> The magician and the monk were finally approaching Eientei's gate. Part of why he agreed to this was part amusement and curiousity over how Eirin could convince her for some of her hair. He couldn't wait to watch. "Hey, it's Zuren! Open the gate!" he yelled, to get any rabbits' attention.

[19:33:22] <Eirin> The gate opened with a rumbling creak. The rabbits resumed their activities, knowing that the young man posed no threat to the mansion.

[19:35:38] <Byakuren_Hijiri> The monk wasn't quite sure why she was bothering with this herself, seeing that it was unlikely that the lunarian could provide sufficiently legitimate reason to obtain a sample of her hair. Of course, she was willing to talk to the doctor at least, since despite the fact that she had attempted to keep Alraune from being caught, the doctor did take any patients that came her way.

[19:41:54] <@Zuren> Zuren walked past the gate and went on to the door. As he saw some rabbits, he wondered how many of them were still afraid of Byakuren after what her and Miko did last time. Then he knocked on the door. "Thanks again for agreeing to come, despite you asking the doctor to visit your temple, Byakuren-san."

[19:50:14] <Eirin> The rabbits yielded to the rainbow-haired monk. Some of them showed apprehension, but most of them were simply being polite. It did not seem that they held grudges.

[19:50:44] <Eirin> Eirin was reading some scrolls behind her desk when the quiet knock came through. "Come in," she said, knowing from the knocks who it was.

[19:53:06] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "This is an unusual circumstance for me, really." Replied the monk as she awaited the door to open. Once it was, she waited for Zuren to lead her in, since it only seemed polite.

[19:57:41] <@Zuren> He stepped inside, led her toward Eirin's office and knocked on her door. It was time to see if she could really pull this off. "It's Zuren. I brought Byakuren-san."

[19:58:42] <Eirin> "I know, you--" Eirin looked up and her eyes widened a little. "Greetings, monk. I was just thinking about making a visit to your temple."

[20:01:15] <Eirin> "I assume that, since Mister Sato brought you here, you are here to discuss terms," she gestured the monk to have a seat, leaning back herself to appear relaxed, "So, may I hear your terms?"

[20:03:36] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "I'm actually more here to hear why you want my hair to begin with. It's an unorthodox request, and I have no doubt you know of my incarceration in Makai." Byakuren sits across from the doctor, hands folded on her lap as she regards her.

[20:07:10] <@Zuren> "Huh? Why were you in Mak--... Nevermind." This sounded like it'd be too long a story to explain at the moment. For now, he leaned against the wall beside the door and watched with a smile at how this could go.

[20:09:13] <Eirin> "There are very few things of which I am not aware," Eirin smiled and crossed her legs. "I am searching for a potion whose recipe remains elusive. The request is to simply gather materials for this search. Of course, once I ascertain the recipe, you may have a dose of it to do as you see fit."

[20:12:00] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "Zuren has told me more or less the same thing, though the question I have is what is the nature of this potion. If it would bring harm, I would not assist in this endeavor."

[20:13:49] <Eirin> "It's a potion that grant a single wish," Eirin said, sitting somewhat upright now. "How it is used is entirely up to the imbiber."

[20:15:40] Zuren was surprised at how blunt she was, expecting a lie. This may get interesting.

[20:18:31] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "A troublesome potion, to be sure. I presume that care will be taken in terms of who gets doses of it?" While the monk was still apprehensive, honesty would serve the doctor better than dancing around the subject."

[20:19:40] <Eirin> "Of course, though..." Eirin paused for a moment, "... the method through which the wish is realized is beyond my control, you understand. As I have not yet succeeded in concocting such a potion, not much about its nature is known save that it is indeed elusive."

[20:22:53] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "I see. I am apprehensive of what such a material may bring, but perhaps one wish could cancel out another troublesome one. I also presume that you wouldn't go into this without being willing to take responsibility for what comes next, so I suppose it would not hurt." The monk was still apprehensive and perhaps feeling like this goes against her better nature, but if she had a dose of her own to work with and worse did come to worst and the potion did both work and end up in the hands of some troublesome individuals, she could use hers to undo it or cancel it out.

[20:25:04] <Eirin> "I take the utmost care in selecting to whom I dispense this potion, and I have only chosen those who I trust would not cause mayhem," Eirin said, "though the consequences of the wish, should the imbiber misuse it for malignant purposes, is solely their own. Is that not fair?"

[20:26:26] Zuren wondered if there was a reason why it's so elusive, such maybe the obvious potential harm it could bring, or there might be something more to the method the wishes worked by. There just wasn't much info to work with, at the moment.

[20:29:00] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "It is, though I would ask for your cooperation in determining who used a given potion for what if possible." A small yank and a solitary strand of gradient hair left the monk's head. It was... oddly charged, for a single strand, much as if it were loaded with static electricity. "And yes, that does make it hard to wash and dry it at times."

[20:31:49] <Eirin> "That would be sufficient, thank you." Eirin carefully picked the strand with a tweezer and immediately sealed it inside a clear jar. "As for the determination of who uses it at what moment, since the effects of the potion remains unclear, I cannot promise I would be able to determine that. However, what I would do is to gather all who would receive a dose together to present the finished potion; you can see who is in possession at that moment."

[20:39:06] <@Zuren> So, she was able to pull it off after all, without having to lie about it. Though, the magician wondered who else would be receiving these wishes and, above all, what they all wanted that they would need these wishes for.

[20:42:32] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "Very well. I will make a point of attending." States the monk clearly. "At the very least, having a list of who is present would narrow down potential suspects later should something go awry."

[20:43:14] <Eirin> "Of course," Eirin smiled. "Thank you for your assistance. Is there anything else that I can do for you?"

[20:44:53] <Byakuren_Hijiri> "There is nothing else, thank you." With that, the monk awaited the conversation to be done.

[20:46:15] Zuren leaned off the wall, with the discussion being over and expected he'll be leading her out.

[20:46:35] <Eirin> "Very well. Mister Sato," Eirin gestured to the Magician who was leaning against the wall. "Please show Miss Hijiri out of the premises. Accommodate her however she requires."

[20:47:44] <@Zuren> "Sure." Zuren walked out of the office and waited for her to follow.