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Gensoukyou Eastern Story:Current events

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Community Message 30 August 2013

Hello community! It's Sayu again. As of recent we've had some very disorganized RPs and as such I've had to do a lot of retconning and re-planning just to try and make up for it. As you are all aware, the Alraune plot was paused and you were all told to remove any information about it on the Wiki so I could try and wrap my head around where we stood before it started.

In response to the lack of information and disorganization, I have created a new type of Wiki page, the Plot Page. With this, you and your friends can organize bigger plots and coordinate with other members of the community in a much easier fashion. However, remember that starting a big plot is a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for ensuring that your plot goes smoothly by ensuring people are RPing at a decent time, saving logs to put on the Wiki page, are well informed with an up to date and easy to find information dump, and so on.

You will also be required to let an admin/mod/GM know when you're making a plot so we can work with you to help make it great.

If there was any information not entirely covered, then be sure to talk to an admin/mod/GM to help cover anything that's a bit cloudy.

When the Alraune plot restarts within the next day or two, you are free to restore any character development done before the retcon, and the plot will resume where it left if with summaries available on its plot page here.
If there are any changes you want to make that wont effect the plot too much, now is the perfect time to do so. However, if you do, make sure you communicate with someone before doing so.

In the build up to the plot's opening, you will have to private message Alraune/Kitty/Zero whenever she is online with details to your characters involvement. Be specific about it too. If you fail to do so, your involvement will be lost in time and you'll have to sit out for the remainder of the RP.

Also, another friendly reminder that arguing in the OOC is something we don't want. If you have a problem/issue with another member, then bring it up to someone who can do something about them.

Community Message 29 May 2013

Hello, Sayu here! So, the community has been up for a little while and I must say, I am very happy to see how things have come along! We have so many great members with great ideas coming here and I can't stress how proud I am of you all!
I am particularly pleased to see that we keep drama to a minimum, and that if problems arise then we are all mature enough to take it to a private place to discuss matters like adults.

I'd also like to remind everyone that all new characters are currently unavailable to roleplay as. Why is this? Well, for Hopeless Masquerade, I'd like to wait until the game is more stable and an English patch has been released. For the Double Dealing Character demo, all new characters will be unavailable until the full game is released and there has been a translation patch made available.
My reasoning for this is that we don't know how the current characters relate to characters later on in the game, as well as other messes off holes that need filling in before we can understand who these new characters really are.
It also gives everyone a chance to actually play the games for themselves.

In the future, I'd like to try and get a reward system going on the Wiki. If anyone is familiar with barnstars then you will know what I mean. Until then, keep having fun!

--Sayuno (talk) 07:46, 29 May 2013 (CDT)