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Application process

If you want to get started with Roleplaying here, you might want to write an application.
This page explains what an application is, what to fill in and where to send it.

Application tips

Elaborating some fundamentals brought in from the forum for Character Application.

Guide to Creating an Original Character

A somewhat in depth guide to creating an OC page for the wiki. Written by Sayuno.

Using Imageboards

A guide to help you locate images on some of the many imageboards on the web. Written by Cirno.

Basic guide to Japanese

A guide to help you understand phrases in the Japanese Language. Written by Cirno.

IRC Channels

Important or notable RP channels are listed here.

Original Content

Theory for creating original content.

How to roleplay

A guide written to help encourage motivation.

Important Characters

A list of canon characters who are considerably more important than other characters and bear heavier weight and responsibility on whoever plays them.